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Pongpan Channet (nickname Gig) is a contemporary art music composer and songwriter. The songs he wrote are the expression of an impressive feeling which derived from environmental surrounding and expressed them in his rhythm. His music are composed in accordance with his background, his perspective of living and love, or religious teaching. According to his Thai traditional music background, he harmonies Thai traditional music structure, with western classical instruments. As a result, audiences can feel a sense of Thainess while listening to his music. Every Impression songs are meant the audience to be happiness, peacefulness, and relaxing.


In 2014 his second album 'Rimnum Kuennueang' (ริมน้ำคืนหนึ่ง) is awarded for ‘Winner in Open category’ from an international songwriting contest — the UK Songwriting Contest 2014. Again, album ‘Oopiib Sings Impression Vol.1’ — sang by Oopiib Pacharamon— is announced for the Best Female Artist from ‘Komchadluek Award 2017’ - Thai Tv entertainment channel. In 2021, ’Star and the Past’ in Oopiib Sings Impression vol.2 album  is awarded Finalist.

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