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Impression Sound Studio by PONGPAN C.

We are Thai music production house in Thailand.  We produce a contemporary art music. Every songs are inspired by an impressive feeling from environment surrounding— nature, religion, and human daily life—, and expressed in composer’s rhythm. Our contemporary music encompass with Thai traditional, western classical and pop jazz music. Every songs have the element and structure of Thai traditional song, but transmit them through western instruments for instance string instruments, woodwind, piano, and so on which the audience will feel a sense of Thainess while listening. Many people say that once our songs has been played, they feel the mood and atmosphere. Every songs we composed, always lead audience to happiness, peaceful, and relaxing.


Most Impression songs are written, arranged, composed, and produced by Mr. Pongpan Channet (Gig). He was Thai traditional music teacher at Plai Nern Palace. He taught Thai traditional string instruments.  With his music background combines with his childhood life experienced, most of the songs he composed are always related with central Thai culture, a consideration point of living and love, and religion teaching.

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