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Whispering Hammers LP

Piano solo by C. Pongpan

Whispering Hammers is a piano solo album. The music are played by songwriter -Pongpan Channet- at once. He personally like this kind of playing music when . This mood always happens in an unexpected time especially when his mine is cleared and calmed. In the feeling of timeless, the melodious sound is played from his imagination. There are a sound of silence and a space between notes from the beginning until the end. Each piano key tone is represented the message of the songwriter.


“The music just relax your mind, body and soothe your soul! Each note just strikes you tenderly & touches your heart just like whispering to you. You can feel the space and the micro dynamics of each note, which produces the 3D effect like the performer is in your room…”

Track List



001 Love You with All My Heart (5.16)

002 Wish You Come Back (5.59)

003 Doubted (7.30)



001 Star and the Past (8.00)

002 Kidding (8.05)

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