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Artist: Oopiib Pacharamon (Ms.)

Gerne: Thai Pop Jazz, Vocal, Instrumental Music

Available formats: Audio CD, Vinyl LP33 1/3

is a sweet Thai pop jazz music, sings by Oopiib Pacharamon (an independance Thai female singer). It is an easy listening album. The songs are meant to bring a mood of cozy Thai lifestyle to the audience. This album is awarded for the Best Female Artist from ‘Komchadluek Award 2017’ - Thai TV entertainment channel.


Rimnum Kuennueng  (ริมน้ำคืนหนึ่ง)  

Artist: Pengploy Morawong (Ms.)

Genre: Thai Classical Jazz, Pop Jazz

Available format: Download, audio CD, vinyl

is a peaceful Thai love song. In an obsessional night, young lady from traditional big family anxious about her life. She is going to marry with guy whom she did not know and she couldn’t deny. A sound of silence, night birds are singing, she realised this could be her destiny. You will never know the future unless you try. The violin sound is played in Thai style to express the mood of an obsession mine. The song ‘Rimnum Kueannueang’ has been awarded Winner in Open category from an international songwriting contest— the UK. Songwriting — in 2014, and also licensed on Khun Pan movie theatre. 

Rimnum PO.jpg


Beauty of Emotion (แต้มสีที่อารมณ์)

Artist: Pongpan Channet

Genre: Thai Jazz, Instrumental Music

Available format: Download, audio CD, vinyl

is an instrumental album, played  by the songwriter. Songs feature the mood of siting and relaxing in a cocktail lounge or in a cozy living room.


Whispering Hammers 

Artist: Pongpan Channet

Genre: Piano Solo, Background Music.

Available Format: Download, LP 33 1/3

is a piano solo album. The music are played by songwriter -Pongpan Channet- at once. He personally like this kind of playing music when . This mood always happens in an unexpected time especially when his mine is cleared and calmed. In the feeling of timeless, the melodious sound is played from his imagination. There are a sound of silence and a space between notes from the beginning until the end. Each piano key tone is represented the message of the songwriter.


Flowers by Her Hair

Artist: Pongpan Channet

Genre: Contemporary Thai Instrumental Music, World Music.

Available Format: Download, audio CD

is a beautiful Thai contemporary music which described a gentle and sweetness images of Thai lady. This is an instruments and original music composition album. The composer combines his arrangement with Thai traditional music scale.


Inspiration by Impression

Artists: Waraporn Luengpanich (Ms.), Chutima Keawnium (Ms.), and Komson Ungprasert (Mr.)

Genre: Thai Jazz, Thai Bossa, Thai Classical Jazz

Available format: Audio CD, Download

is our first material outcome from the songwriter - Pongpan Channet- since he started practice writing for 10 years. This is the most happiness album in term of music and production teamwork. Songs in this album feature the atmosphere of Thai culture in the central part which live their life on farming, e.g. Fafa Fonfon (a Cozy Day), Loy Fun (Floating in the Moonlight), or Ratree (Lady of the Night).



ARTISTS: Kusuma Suksri (Ms.), Aum Intaraboonsom (Ms.)

GENRE: Pop, Easy Listening

Available Format: Audio CD, Download

is an easy listening pop duo music album, sings by two young female singers. They sing difference style of song in this album. These two girls have their own characteristics. One is an outstanding and the latter is gentle and sweet. 


Hello Mountain

ARTISTS: Kusuma Suksri (Ms.), Aum Intaraboonsom (Ms.)

GENRE: Kid friendly music, ESL Music

Available Format: Download, audio CD

is a kid friendly music album, written by the kindergarten teacher - Kru Pom-. The songs meant to lead the learning activities in class. Yet, music in this album are also appropriated for listening in usually daily activity.


Meeting รับแผ่นเสียง

Live recording album.

ARTISTS: Various Artists

GENRE: Instrument, easy listening

Available Format: Download, audio CD, LP 45.

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