About us (eng)


Impression Sound Studio is a house music production located in Nonthaburi–suburb of Bangkok, Thailand.

We produce Thai contemporary music which encompassing Thai traditional song, and Thai classical and Thai jazz music. Almost every Impression’s songs both lyric and melody are composed by Mr.Pongpan Channet (Gig) who once was Thai traditional music Ajarn at .

There are some Thai Traditional songs in albums have been rearranged and play in Thai traditional style by using western classical instruments. Gig was born in the outskirt of Sukhumvit area (Bangkok, Thailand) in the period of farming and agriculture were widely grown.  Currently, Sukhumvit is an exclusive district in Bangkok.

Impression has released 5 albums since 2004, the first two albums are vocal song titled ‘Inspiration by Impression’ (2004) and latter ‘Rimnum Kuenueang’ (2012), translated waterfront one night. Lyric and melody in both albums bring out an atmosphere of Bangkok farming culture in the last 40 years where natural resources still rich. People has slow life and time to please with a beauty of natural environment e.g. blue moonlight, a small watercourses in the garden, flowers and so on.

Thai traditional music instruments e.g. Thai cymbal and dulcimer, were added in songs, especially  ‘Ratree’ (lady of the night flower) that can bring to you a romantic feeling in the night. The song ‘Rimnum Kuenueang’  is an Thai classical jazz song that expressed the feeling of young girl in Thai traditional culture who admired her destiny of arranged marriage life. This song has been awarded as a Winner in Open Category in the UK Songwriting Contest 2014.

The third and the forth albums are instrumental music. ‘Beauty of Emotion’ (2013) has encompassed on classical music instruments. e.g. violin, clarinet, piano, double bass, and so on.

This album give audience various emotions e.g. the song ‘Give me your Love’ is a duet for piano as background and violin as main melody, or ‘Evening Smile’ is a duet for clarinet and piano. The forth album is a piano solo—background music—, titled ‘Whispering Hammers’ (2014). The latest album titled ‘Impression Live at Save Audio’ (2015) is vocal pop jazz album. It was recorded from live performance at Save Audio and Video shop, Bangkok, Thailand.